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Surveillance cameras capture dangerous behavior at Phoenix neighborhood roundabout

Posted at 5:00 AM, Mar 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 09:23:28-04

PHOENIX — A Valley roundabout that has been around for more than a decade is now causing a neighborhood to spiral about their safety.

ABC15 was sent multiple videos of recent incidents where drivers near 23rd Avenue and Osborn Road come down the road and lose control.

Operation Safe Roads decided to look into what could be done to curb this dangerous problem.

As Megan Thompson went out to the scene, she was greeted by work crews repairing what a driver had done just the day before.

"Somebody hit it and the whole thing was flooded and...water was flowing down the street," said Christine Deal.

Deal has lived in this area for more than 20 years and now serves as the President of the Westwood Village and Estates Historic District.

"It's been getting worse - yes," said Deal.

Residents have sent scenes from their home security cameras over the last couple of years, including a handful of incidents in the last month alone.

"The guy just came racing up here, hit it, and took that fence out over there," Deal pointed out.

Deal explained to ABC15 how there are signs warning drivers of the upcoming roundabout, but she believes they are not effective.

"You can't see this roundabout until you're almost on top of it and the signs are only like two or three houses in from... each... from the roundabout," said Deal. She went on to say, "I'm hoping maybe you can help us get... something done with it."

ABC15 reached out to the city of Phoenix's Street Transportation Department to see just how many times they have had to conduct maintenance in this spot.

They responded via email and reported crews have been out there more than a dozen times for work-related requests. However, in terms of maintenance related to curbing or pavement, they wrote "Our staff has not responded to a maintenance request at that location since 2019."

ABC15 also asked Phoenix officials if anything could be done to improve the conditions there.

Deal said residents would like more signage, similar to ones near 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

"And they have poles up there and a big sign in the middle of it," Deal described.

When ABC15 asked if this could be added at 23rd Avenue and Osborn Road, the city said, "standard roadway signage" is in place.

In an email, the city of Phoenix Street Transportation Department said speed cushions may be an option to be added on Osborn Road. There is a petition that goes along with it and residents must contribute financially. The department said, "There's been no formal requests and the department has not denied any requests. However, there are existing speed cushions on 23rd Ave as you approach the roundabout from both the north and the south."

The department went on to say, "Staff is not aware of it being a location with a high volume of incidents. The types of concerns you indicated residents shared with you... are typical complaints the department receives about most roundabouts."

The Street Transportation Department did say, communities need to report some of these issues directly to their department - including tree trimming or street light issues. They ask that you call or email them:

Street Maintenance Dispatch Office: 602-262-6441

Neighborhood Traffic and Parking Specialist: 602-495-5463

You can also contact the Phoenix Street Transportation Department and fill out a form online.