Clinton leads in Arizona donations

Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 19:31:53-05

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has raised more money than any other presidential candidate in Arizona. 

According to recent Federal Election Commission filings, Clinton has raised $610,910 through Dec. 31. Notable contributors include TASER President Luke Larson ($2,700), Arizona Public Service Company Resource Management Vice President Tammy McLeod ($1,000) and former Fountain Hills Councilwoman Ginny Dickey ($500).

Contributions are capped at $2,700 for the primary election and $2,700 for the general election. 

In second place is Marco Rubio at $610,603. His contributions include Mountainside Fitness CEO Tom Hatten ($2,700) and Assistant Attorney General Chris DeRose ($2,600). 

Dr. Ben Carson ($535,516), Ted Cruz ($425,052) and Bernie Sanders ($329,152) round out the top five. 

As for Donald Trump, he is twelfth with $43,421 raised. 

Despite Clinton narrowly out-raising Rubio, Republican candidates have raised $2,506,754 overall compared to the Democrats' $954,838 overall.