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High school student posts hundreds of positive messages around his school

Local student posts hundreds of positive messages around his school
Posted at 5:23 AM, Apr 01, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KOAA) -- A positive message that will stick is what one high school student is hoping for. He hand-wrote hundreds of messages and words of encouragement on sticky notes and placed them around his school in Colorado Springs.

Hadi Alhamdani, an 11th grade student at Odyssey Early College and Career Options, posted the nearly 700 sticky notes in the school's library, on lockers and on classroom doors on Tuesday morning. Written on the sticky notes, are simple messages with a strong impact.

"I believe that even words can create an impact on some students, especially right now during these tough times," said Alhamdani."Each person is going through something slightly different, and having quotes is a great idea to reach every single student."

He said it took him about 22 hours to research and write the positive messages. They address topics like success, happiness, love, family and education. Many of the messages are quotes from famous authors.

"The goal is ultimately to promote positivity, and for students to learn and pursue their dreams and goals," said Alhamdani.

They're uplifting messages for not only students and teachers, but also for the school's principal.

"He's looking to make someone's day better and brighter here," said Sean Norman, the principal at Odyssey ECCO. "Having a welcoming, nice vibe for everyone to come into to your school, and seeing the outgoing postive messages is always an uplifting experience. Even small thoughtful things like a sticky note can make your day go from blue to a beautiful shade of brilliant yellow."

Alhamdani says for him, it's all about spreading kindness and giving back to his peers.

"I like to give back to my community. It makes me very happy to see other people's happiness and positivity towards things I do," said Alhamdani. "Getting that support and love and care and pushing you to do even more."

Alhamdani says the effort began about two years ago and he's stuck with it. Since then, he's hand-written messages on about 2,000 sticky notes. He's placed about 300 of them at Pikes Peak Communty College. He told News5 that when he gets more free time during the summer, he hopes to write out about 2,000 more sticky notes and will place them in the school next year.

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