Athletes told not to wear school clothing while protesting

Athletes told not to wear school clothing while protesting
Posted at 4:25 PM, May 04, 2017

Nearly 350 athletes at LSU in Baton Rouge were sent an email this week from the university's athletics department discussing the protests that have taken place since federal authorities opted not to charge two officers for the death of a man shot by police. 

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the athletes were told that while the university supported the athletes' right to protest, the university would not permit athletes from wearing LSU clothing during protests. 

“If you choose to express your opinion on this issue, including on social media, we ask that you not wear LSU gear or use LSU branding,” the email reads, according to the Advocate.

Even though athletes are not paid by the university, a common perk for athletes is to receive free athletic clothing from the school. 

Last year, some athletes echoed protesters from the community who were frustrated by the death of Alton Sterling. Sterling was shot and killed by a pair of officers while police tried to place Sterling into custody. 

Sterling's death prompted massive protests in Baton Rouge and across the nation from people calling for criminal justice and police use of force reform. 

Among LSU athletes who spoke out, running back Leonard Fournette posted a picture on Twitter of him wearing a t-shirt with Sterling's face. 

This week, protests once again formed after the Department of Justice announced it would not press charges on the officers involved. While some of last year's protests were not peaceful, the protests this week have remained largely peaceful.