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8 US kids killed by accidental shootings daily, 'End Family Fire' campaign says

Posted at 4:34 AM, Aug 15, 2018

Eight children are killed by gunfire every single day in the United States; their whole lives shortened with a single shot. These deaths aren't murders, but simply accidents. 

The blame is put on gun owners who are not taking action to properly secure what many hoped would keep their family safe.

These statistics come from a new campaign called "End Family Fire".

They have also launched a new public service announcement that highlights a seemingly normal family and shows a father and son playing together at home. Suddenly, the tone changes and the boy asks if he can play with his father's gun. He immediately says "no," and tells his son it is not a toy. 

But, the piece showcases how children do not always follow the rules. 

"I bet it's on the top shelf of the closet under your sweatshirts," says the boy in the video. "Is it loaded? I haven't found it yet. But, I'm sure I can. You always told me to be curious. Remember when I found my Christmas gifts?"

The campaign insists that the message is not aimed at taking guns away or being against the second amendment. Instead, organizers said they just want to make sure there are tips and resources on how to properly store a gun. 

"Regardless of your politics, regardless in what people in your state house or in Washington are doing; this is something every American can be proactive about," explained Kyleanne Hunter, representative of the End Family Fire campaign.