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More women are blaming marital problems on bedroom boredom

Posted at 8:08 AM, Feb 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-14 10:08:13-05

PHOENIX — As more women become household breadwinners the traditional roles of marriage may be changing.

Research shows more married women are looking for alternatives to monogamy.

The study makes clear these women are not looking for an affair, they admit to being bored in the bedroom and simply want variety.

Results of this one also show when these same women tell their husbands they're not in the mood for sex, they admit what they really want is variety, novelty, and adventure.

"If women are seeing that they have more choices or more options than they once did before, then I can see them feeling more empowered to not just settle," said Dr. Emily Basha.

The Scottsdale-based therapist told ABC15, "Feeling desirable to your partner is a basic human need. I think if things start to feel stale in a relationship, maybe look at exploring within safe parameters together, different ways to have experiences that are novel and exciting to help bring the pizzazz back in the relationship."

She also said, "It's important to start looking at different love maps, you know, what is important to me, what makes me feel good about myself? What makes me feel desirable and sexy. And my partner too." she added.

Dr. Basha also notes that confidence is key. "How you feel about yourself is just as important, as your partner conveys to you about yourself."

To keep your marriage strong Dr. Basha says to never stop dating and to never stop flirting with each other.

She also says, when conflict does come up, try something she calls, pre-forgiveness.

"Maybe if you're having a difficult conversation, or if you see yourselves going into an awkward situation together, give yourself some grace and ask for pre-forgiveness before a fight ever happens."