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LIST: 'Brady list' misconduct files for 100+ Phoenix PD staff

Posted at 6:45 PM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-30 21:36:10-05

In an unprecedented disclosure, ABC15 is publishing “Brady list” misconduct files for more than 100 Phoenix police officials.

The internal investigations and records summarize the integrity concerns — typically documented cases of dishonesty and criminal activity — for Phoenix Police officers that were listed as “active” in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office “Brady list” database.

Watch the 'Full Disclosure" investigative special in the player above.

The officers’ files, listed below, were obtained through a public records request.

In 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court in Brady v. Maryland ruled that police and prosecutors cannot withhold exculpatory evidence, especially past dishonesty by officers. As a result, prosecutors began maintaining “Brady lists” to track law enforcement officials with integrity concerns, including past crimes, lying on the job, and other misconduct.

ABC15’s Full Disclosure investigation has exposed major failures in Arizona’s Brady list system. In response, some departments, county attorneys, and union leaders have downplayed the severity of what can land an officer on a Brady list.

The Phoenix officers’ Brady files show more than 80 percent of the officers were placed on the list related to issues of dishonesty.

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ABC15 has spoken to multiple defense attorneys who claim police and prosecutors routinely withhold or conceal “Brady” evidence.

Earlier this year, due to a lack of transparency and a legislative attempt to seal the information, ABC15 also published a searchable statewide database of more than 1400 law enforcement officials on county Brady lists.

The Brady files for the officers below are listed in alphabetical order.

Jesse Abernathy
Jared Adair
Joshua Adams (2)
Fred Andres
Ryan Barendt
greggory Baranski
Joe Bianchi
Brent Brownell
Johnny Cabrera
Jose Campos
Jeff Chapman
Michael Chase
Ricky Christensen
Sean Clark
Zachary Clark
Eddie Conaway
Alexander Crabbs
Reginald Crawford
Kevin Crawford
Sheldon Czegiedi
David Dager
Holly Dancy (Bredo)
Patrick Daugherty
Dave Dehority
Anthony Deida
Dustin Dionne
Dario Dizdar
Logan Egnor
Michael Fernandez
Lesley Fisher
Richard Fisher
Daniel Flanders
John Friday
Kelly Frizzell
Sarah Gasper
Cory Geffre
Oswald Grenier
Cheryl Groshko
Richard Henry
Juan Hernandez (2)
Jerry Hester
Ryan Hogan
Tyler Holloway
Paul Hubert
Kevin Johnson
Ardavan Jorjani
David Kanavel
Michael Larese
Marysol Larrison
Vincent Lavia
Kemp Layden
Daniel Liddle
Scott Lindsey
David Long
Timothy Lynch
Thomas Marquez
Craig Mason
John Maxwell
Jarrett McNeil
John McTernan
John Meche
Chad Moreth
Kelly Morrow
Sherri Mough-Osvold
Kevin Muranyi
Roman Narbaez
Richard Nelson
Donald Newcomer
Michael Noble
Jennifer O'Neill
Stacie Owen
David Pallas
Richardo Perez
Diana Pineda
Nicholas Pittatsis
Nelu Podea
Derek Pulliam
Carl Ramirez (2)
Harry Reiter
Jeffrey Richards
Sam Richardson
Billie Joe Richardson (Kenney)
Alexander Ruiz
Clark Schwartzkopf
Darcey Shumaker
Robert Sitek
Michael E. Skvarek
Michael Solace
Julie Speirs
John Sticca
William R. Strohmeyer
Fred Stuart
Steve Sutto
Robert Swank
Frederick Tormey
Todd Trynosky
Christopher Turiano
Darren E. Viner
Garrick Ward (2)
Timothy Wheeler
Pamela Wheeler
Larry White
Marcos P. Wilson
Tylon Wilson, II
Mike Zilles

[EDITOR’S NOTE : The active status of officers and their files are based on Maricopa County Attorney Office data current as of mid-2019. After ABC15 began obtaining Brady data, updated lists provided by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office no longer included information about officer employment status. The files are public records; and to our knowledge do not include personal identifying information. Please contact ABC15 Investigator Dave Biscobing at to report information about: (1) Changes in an officer’s status; (2) Changes in an officer’s agency; (3) New Phoenix officers added to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office database; (4) Concerns with any information contained in the files.]