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What happens when the repairman damages your fridge?

One Valley family says they waited way too long for a fix
Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 09:55:38-04

PHOENIX — So let's say your new stainless steel built-in refrigerator finally arrives.

For a couple of weeks, it's working great and seems worth all of the money you spent on it, but two weeks later, it happens.

A small spring breaks, leaving the refrigerator door able to open wildly.

The technician making the spring repair opens the door so far, it hits the nearby counter edge.

Now there's a dent in your expensive new refrigerator.

And months later, you're still waiting for it to get repaired.

Meanwhile; you've attached towels and duct tape to the counter edge, so more damage doesn't happen.

That's basically Chad Collins story.

Chad says he and his wife called and called trying to get the Kitchen-Aid door replaced.

But he says months later; he kept getting more excuses and longer wait times.

So Chad let me know.

And our Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau volunteer team took over.

George took the case and made contact with Kitchen-Aid's owner, Whirlpool, at the corporate level.

Chad says in just a short time; they had a new spring, a new door AND Whirlpool even gave them a $600 refund for the trouble!

He says "George was absolutely fantastic."

And Chad believes he'd still have the issue if he didn't let us know.

Thanks to Whirlpool for stepping up here and going even beyond repair by offering some money back!

In a statement to us, Whirlpool says:

"We regret that this consumer had a difficult experience in resolving an issue with his appliance. We are pleased to have come to a resolution that he is satisfied with. We stand behind our products and encourage anyone who has questions about their Whirlpool appliance to reach out to us at 866-698-2538."