DISH Network appealing massive $280 million telemarketing fine

DISH Network appealing massive $280 million telemarketing fine
Posted at 12:34 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 15:34:15-04

The FTC and the attorneys general of California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio pulled the plug on some of Dish Network's marketing practices.

After an eight-year long court battle, the court imposed a record-setting $280 million fine against the satellite TV provider.

According to a news release from the FTC, the massive penalty is for "making calls to people on the Do Not Call list, abandoned calls, calls to people who had told Dish they did not want to receive calls, and for assisting and facilitating telemarketer who engaged in practices in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule. 66 million calls, in fact, that broke the law."

In a statement today, DISH said it plans to appeal the ruling, claiming it could have no way of knowing some of the calls were taking place.

“The amounts awarded in this case radically and unjustly exceed, by orders of magnitude, those found in the settlements in similar actions, notably against DirecTV, Comcast and Caribbean Cruise Lines. DISH is being held responsible for telemarketing activities conducted by independent third-parties, including in circumstances where such third-parties intentionally hid their telemarketing efforts from DISH," the statement read.
It went on to read DISH follows telemarketing compliance policies and procedures and ranks high in customer service surveys.

To prevent history from repeating itself, the FTC said DISH has to hire a telemarketing compliance expert. That is to ensure DISH and its retailers follow the law and the order.  It will also be required to allow unannounced inspections of its facilities and records. 

The $280 million will be awarded to the DOJ and the states.