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Calling back scammers who harass you!

Social Security issues and computer virus scams
Posted at 6:00 AM, May 21, 2019

PHOENIX — Scammers are calling and harassing us every day.

So, how about letting them know how it feels!

My producer Courtney and I recently took the numbers of scammers you gave us, and we called them back.

First up, the most prominent phone scam out there right now -- the Social Security scam.

This caller said there needs to be "legal enforcement" taken involving some action with Courtney's Social Security number.

It happened in Texas, and he needed her birth date and SSN to make sure he could talk with her about it.

With that information, they could steal someone's identity.

Social Security will never ask for that by phone.

The,n we called back a fake Microsoft technician.

It's the old "your computer had a virus, and I need to fix it," scam.

The scammer said I have a virus that is slowing my computer.

He led me to a website, wanted me to put in some numbers so he could get remote access to my computer.

The next step would have been him taking control, finding fake viruses, and charging me for protection.

And he'd be able to do anything he wanted with whatever records I keep in my computer.

I didn't let that happen.

No one knows what's going on in your computer unless you tell them first.

Bottom line, never give out personal information or send money to anyone who calls you out of the blue.

In fact, let all calls go to voicemail and never talk with these scammers.