President Trump talks postal service, mail-in ballots in one-on-one with ABC15

Posted at 7:04 AM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 19:52:44-04

YUMA, AZ — ABC15 spoke exclusively with President Trump during his recent visit to Yuma, discussing issues like the border wall, coronavirus, schools, the economy, mail-in ballots and more.

ABC15 Mornings' Kaley O'Kelley asked the president if our mail -- whether it be general mail, medicine or ballots -- from the United States Postal Service would be delivered on time after recent news involving the post office.

"Well, the answer is yes," President Trump said.

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He continued on to say that absentee ballots "are great" and have been in use for a long time.

"In Florida, other states, that works, but just to send millions of ballots in the mail, who knows who's getting them? They pick up a stack of them, who knows who's getting them? It's ripe for fraud, it will be fraud, it'll be a bad thing."

President Trump said he does not want to make cuts to USPS, however, he does want Amazon to pay for their usage of the postal service.

"For them, Amazon, they make a lot of money, because they drop all their packages...not all of them, but a big portion of them. They drop them into the post office. And the post office loses money every time they bring you a package, they lose $2.50 - $3. Even sometimes, I guess, more than that, depending on the package. Now Amazon has to pay. And I don't want people fired in the post office. Very simple."

O'Kelley asked President Trump what he thinks about those saying he's trying to undermine the election.

"Well, they're just using that as a soundbite."

ABC15's Political Insider team fact-checked President Trump's claims about the post office and mail-in ballots.

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In Arizona's just-completed primary election, about 800,000 people voted by mail -- that's almost 80% of the vote. There were no reported issues with ballots getting to the recorder's office in time to be counted.

The president of the Phoenix Postal Union told ABC15 that employees are receiving overtime and that mail-sorting machines that were taken out of service have been replaced with larger-capacity sorters.

In terms of Amazon's post office usage and USPS losing several dollars each time Amazon mails a package, an analysis by Citigroup says there was a deal made a few years ago with the White House that gives Amazon a subsidy of $1.46 for every item delivered for the company.