On-campus groups push to get more young people registered to vote

Posted at 10:19 AM, Aug 26, 2020

Election Day is 10 weeks away and despite not as many students being on college campuses this semester, there is still a push to get young people to the polls.

But in order to reach that demographic, groups are having to get creative.

Kristi Johnston with NextGen Arizona says normally they'd set up tables in common areas on campus and get students registered in person.

But instead, they've been emailing professors and asking if they can join their classroom via Zoom to get the word out.

She says issues like racial justice and how this pandemic is being handled by government officials will have an impact on how young people vote in the November election.

"All the obstacles that students are going through, that young people are going through, it's really not a detriment in terms of getting them to vote," Johnston said.

Madison Kier, a sophomore at Northern Arizona University and member of the Arizona Students' Association, agrees.

"They'd be voting on things that affect them as a student like minimum wage. We are also in a legislative swing district, they could be voting on affordable housing that they need," she said.

Both groups are encouraging students to vote early.

"In Arizona, in our primary, we just saw record voter turnout and especially with this big push for vote by mail, we'll also see it in the general as well," Johnston said.

The deadline to register to vote is October 5. To register, click here.