2-1-1 service connects Arizonans to resources during pandemic

Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 03, 2020

PHOENIX — A hotline that can connect Arizona residents to resources during this pandemic has expanded its hours.

The non-profit Crisis Response Network, which facilities the calls, has been helping people in need prior to COVID-19, but in March, the state launched a department to specifically answer coronavirus-related questions.

Now, more funding from the Arizona Department of Economic Security is allowing that line to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in Arizona, you can dial the number "2-1-1" and be connected to someone who can help in both English or Spanish.

New numbers for the organization show out of the 35,000 calls in June, 31% were from people needing utility assistance. That's about 10,000 Arizonans. Over 8,000 called because they needed help with housing.

The Crisis Response Network has trained staff to answer these calls. Crisis Response Network CEO Justin Chase told ABC15 he hopes more people take advantage of the service.

"Folks are really isolated now and having to coordinate this on your own can be really difficult," he said. "So having another person on your side who's advocating for you throughout this process is just a lot of value. We see a lot of improvements in success rates in getting people the services they need."

For more information on Crisis Response Network, click here.