Shark: 'Insult can be phenomenal motivator'

Posted at 10:24 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-19 01:24:25-04

Don't call her tough. She prefers "critical".

Barbara Corcoran, the real estate mogul and whip-smart "Shark" on ABC's "Shark Tank" said one of the best things that ever happened to her was being dumped for her younger secretary.  Her boyfriend was also her partner at a real estate business she started with him.  When they split their modest assets, he left her with some parting words that stuck.

"He said you'll never succeed without me. If he had said you're amazing, I'm sure you'll continue to build a great success, I'm not sure I would have stayed in business," Corcoran recalled.

So from that point on, when she was struggling in her business, she said, she would think of those words.

"People get more out of criticism sadly than they do out of compliments," Corcoran said.

Corcoran went on to build a multi-billion dollar empire, The Corcoran Group. Now, she stars on the hit reality show, investing in entrepreneurs she believes in, she's an author, and she recently teamed up with Zebit, a personal finance company that partners with employers. Corcoran and the company are on a mission to create awareness about financial stress in the workplace.

"As one of 10 kids who grew up in a blue-collar family without material advantages, I not only understand firsthand the worry associated with cash constraints, but the importance of feeling empowered to overcome setbacks," said Corcoran. "We can't sit around and let financial stress cripple opportunity, but rather work with companies like Zebit to fuel the American dream and educate employers on their critical role in helping consumers become financially fit."  

Even with all of these business ventures, Corcoran also has two kids at home.  

If that's not tough, I don't know what is.