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Nick's Heroes: 'Bling Master Daphne' helps foster kids make memories

Posted at 8:33 AM, Jun 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-15 11:41:32-04

With every bead, bracelet, and bangle, Daphne Atkeson is creating a bond that can't be broken.

"It's really rewarding to me and I think it is to them, too," explains Atkeson.

Every Wednesday, "Bling Master Daphne" hosts a jewelry-making class in Phoenix. But there's a whole more happening here than just picking out beads.

"Every kind of creative project is a challenge and there is a sense of...'Can I do this? What if I goof it up?'"

These kids have already had enough challenges. They're currently in the foster care system, away from their families. But in these classes, the kids aren't just making jewelry, they're making progress and memories.

"There's a lot of tender moments. It's kind of touching to see a lot of strength in people and you can feel like they're working to make their lives better and be there for their kids."

Atkeson also adds, "It's nice to have a place where it's safe and friendly and positive and encouraging and it's hard to do anything wrong except drop your beads all over the floor. But even then, there's always people there to pick it up."

And Daphne Atkeson, that's why you're one of Nick's Heroes!

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