Black-owned tech company suing rapper Kanye West

Black-owned tech company suing rapper Kanye West
Posted at 2:50 PM, Aug 25, 2020

A tech company is suing rapper Kanye West for allegedly failing to make a $10 million investment he promised them and allegedly stealing their technology to drive sales of his Sunday Service merchandise.

According to court documents obtained by E.W. Scripps, MyChannel, Inc. is suing West for allegedly breaching the parties' oral partnership agreement, preventing MYC from earning millions of dollars in fees, encouraging the Black-owned business to invest millions of dollars of its resources and time in ventures, failing to make a promised investment, and violating their non-disclosure agreement.

MYC says they began their partnership with West in spring 2018 to help the music producer maximize revenues for his Yeezy merchandise, the court documents alleged.

According to the suit, MYC says that the company entered into a non-disclosure agreement with West for allowing him to use their video and e-commerce technology to drive sales of his Sunday Service, which was launched in 2019.

"It is this NDA that Yeezy and Mr. West breached when they launched West's Sunday Service and its e-commerce component that included a knock-off of the MYC Video Platform," MYC declared in court docs.

MYC also states that they invested $7 million of its own money into Yeezy projects, moved their headquarters from Pennsylvania to California and Illinois at the behest of West, and documents stated.