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Volunteers help bring water to those in need through St. Vincent De Paul

Water bottles
Posted at 11:00 AM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 18:42:26-04

PHOENIX — A drink of water is something many take for granted but for those living on the streets, a bottle of water can save their life.

ABC15 spoke with a man, who brings water to those in need and says giving back his time helped him reconnect with his family.

"I'm out while they're still in bed or still asleep and we wait until they wake up and then deliver the water," Joseph Yanez said.

Yanez drives St. Vincent De Paul's Celebrity Fight Night water truck, it goes all over the Valley providing a lifesaving resource to those in need.

Yanez has been volunteering with the non-profit, delivering water along 24 different routes for 7 years. He is now the water truck supervisor.

His reason for volunteering is something very close to his heart. "I had a daughter out on the street for 10 years and when I was given the opportunity to drive this celebrity fight night van it opened up an opportunity to see if I could find her."

Yanez did eventually reconnect with his daughter and has been donating his time ever since handing out water and other supplies and helping families reconnect.

"We also will periodically get a photo of a person in which they would pass on throughout the dining rooms and include in the water truck and we've had very good success finding loved ones out there."

Yanez now encourages others to give back to the community by donating their time or even bottles of water to help the water truck. You can get involved by donating to our ABC15 Water Drive. ABC15 is teaming up with St. Vincent De Paul, Bashas' and Food City for the drive, you can give back through the month of June by donating cash or water at any Bashas' or Food City location or donation online.