Valley 8-year-old football star garners national attention

Posted at 7:20 AM, Jan 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 09:20:03-05

PHOENIX — If you don't look quickly, you may miss him!

That's how fast football phenom Jackson Fitch is...and he's only 8 years old!

He's already got the speed, the agility, and most importantly, the passion.

"I think I was born with it," says Jackson.

But it also takes dedication and drive.

In his free time, this third-grader at Archway Cicero is running drills in the backyard. Jackson also plays for the Arcadia Gridiron Flag Football League, where he recently led the Panthers to a championship.

And he's learning from a young age that it's always a team effort.

"If it was only one person, how could they score or do anything?"

He may be modest, but Jackson's talents have gotten him noticed by some pretty big names like Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson. He's also a huge Kyler Murray fan.

"He's humble. He's good. And he's fast!"

And his loyal fans, like his supportive family, are there for every single play.

"To be able to see my son not just be fast, but be a good quarterback and be a kind, humble person with his teammates, it doesn't get much better than that!" explains Stephen Fitch, Jackson's father.

Jackson is already building quite the presence on social media! Follow him on Instagram here.