WATCH: Ex-Valley softball star's incredible play

Posted at 8:27 PM, May 15, 2016

Army senior captain and Scottsdale Desert Mountain High School graduate Kasey McCravey may have made the play of the year in college softball -- and her feat has earned national attention.

Rounding third base in a game against Lehigh, McCravey heads for home, but the Lehigh catcher is in the middle of the base path.

No problem for McCravey. The infielder goes airborne, right over the top of the catcher, and tags home to help Army get a 3-1 win. Her spectacular move has been featured on ESPN and ABC World News Tonight.

Granted, we've seen some softball and baseball players jump over catchers before -- and every time it happens, It's pretty awesome.

But this one? Not only is it a clean jump, but it's her awareness to twist in mid-air and come down with her hand on the plate.

Oh, and the fact that she's from Desert Mountain High, where she used to pull off the same moves.