Small Stars: 12-year-old Valley resident is a 4-time Arizona State Junior Olympics champ

Posted at 5:28 PM, Sep 08, 2016

Meet 12-year-old Reina Reyes, a Valley boxer who's tough and focused -- and already knows what and where she wants to be in the next few years.

"My main goal is going to the Olympics," the four-time Arizona State Junior Olympics champion said.

Reina started boxing five years ago -- and now, she's set her sights on the 2024 Olympics. Since starting at the young age of seven, she's racked up a lot of wins, a lot of trophies -- and plenty of medals!

But through it all, she's been able to keep it in perspective.

"No matter what, win or lose, you're still a champion," she said. "Through other people's eyes, you're still good."

Reina is currently training for the 2016 Gene Lewis Boxing Tournament in early November -- and her training schedule is anything but easy.

"I box five days out of the week," she said. "Conditioning is like, doing your exercises, running, pull ups, dips and all that stuff."

Thinking back on her first fight, Reina admits it was tough stepping into the ring.

"Yeah, I was scared because, I mean, it's the first fight, the first time, you get nervous," she said. "Once you get in there, the adrenaline kicks in and you just do what you gotta do."

So, what do her friends at school tell her?

"Some kids tell me, 'I'm scared of you,' and some tell me they're really happy for me, and to just, like, keep up the good work," she said.

And what goes through her mind after a big win?

"'Wow, a girl can be really good at this sport,'" she said.

And did we mention perspective? Oh yeah, Reina has plenty of it!

"You never know. Anything is possible," she said. "As long as you try things, you can do it."