Pro-Donald Trump ad goes after Hillary Clinton for her criticism of Washington Redskins' nickname

Posted at 3:01 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 17:05:33-05

If you don't believe sports and politics mix well, this ad isn't for you.

Well... actually, it might be. It just depends on your perspective.

As we approach the final hours in the 2016 presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are doing everything they can to shore up last-minute votes in swing states.

That includes an ad by a pro-Trump PAC called Rebuilding America Now, which slammed Clinton for her criticism of the Washington Redskins' nickname.

The term "Redskins" has become somewhat of a -- forgive the pun -- political football in recent years, as many believe the name and logo are insulting toward Native Americans and should be changed, while others see such criticism as political correctness run amok.

Well, this particular ad is intended to appeal toward football fans who are tired of people politicians criticizing "Redskins" and injecting their opinions into the sports world altogether.

"You thought you were safe -- sitting in your recliner, a cold beer and a bowl of chips. You thought you'd escape politics by focusing on football," the narrator says.

"Wrong. Hillary Clinton wants to mess up your football, too."

The ad goes on to show a clip from a recent interview during which Clinton suggested that the term "Redskins" shouldn't "continue as the name of a team in our nation's capital."

"Hillary's priorities are not your priorities," the narrator says.