Markieff Morris' 5 worst moments with Suns

Posted at 2:25 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 20:11:47-05

Phoenix Suns fans have had little to nothing to cheer about during the 2015-16 season -- until now.

After months of speculation, the Suns traded troubled forward Markieff Morris just minutes before Thursday's NBA trade deadline. The decision made most fans happy, according to this Twitter poll conducted earlier in the week.

So, as we say goodbye to Markieff, here's a list of the not-so-fond memories Suns fans have of the fourth-year forward.

1. Off-court problems

For all the on-court issues Markieff has had, it doesn't compare to what he and his twin brother, former Suns forward Marcus Morris, were accused of away from the court last season.

In April, the brothers were charged with two counts of felony assault for attacking a man who had allegedly sent text messages to the Morris brothers' mother three months earlier. 

2. Calling out the fans

On the court, Morris began to get on the bad side of Suns fans when he criticized them for a lack of support during a blowout home loss to the Spurs in March.

"I just think we expect more from the fans," Markieff said after the game. "They don't boo but they don't cheer much, either."

3. Butting heads with Hornacek

Morris had a notoriously bad relationship with former Suns coach Jeff Hornacek, who was fired in early February. Morris reportedly threw a towel in Hornacek's face earlier this season, and the two were rarely on the same page.

It's not a coincidence that Morris' on-court effort noticeably improved after Hornacek's departure.

4. Demanding to be traded

After the Suns traded his brother in July, Markieff Morris went to Twitter to complain...

...and days later, he told that he didn't desire to remain in Phoenix any longer. "One thing for sure: I am not going to be there," he said. "If you want to put that out there, you can put it out. I don't give a (expletive). I am not going to be there at all. That's just what it is."

5. Shoving his own teammate

If none of those straws broke the camel's back, this shoving match with teammate Archie Goodwin last week likely sealed Markieff's fate.