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Larry Fitzgerald explains why he spiked the ball for the 1st time ever

Larry Fitzgerald explains why he spiked the ball for the 1st time ever
Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 00:17:56-04

Larry Fitzgerald has always taken a very business-like approach to football.

Few behave in a more professional manner on the field that Fitzgerald, who never engages in elaborate celebrations when he scores a touchdown. His customary procedure is simply to hand the ball back to the referee and return to the sideline.

Fitzgerald did just that when he scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Cardinals' come-from-behind win over the 49ers on Sunday -- his 112th career NFL touchdown catch. But later, when he scored a two-point conversion to give the Cards a three-point lead in the game's final minute, Fitz flashed some rare emotion by viciously spiking the football to the ground.

The Cardinals held on for an 18-15 win -- but Fitz's action caught everyone's attention, and it had us all asking: Has Larry Fitzgerald ever spiked the football before?

"I never spiked a ball before in my life," Fitz confirmed after the game, before delivering a tongue-in-cheek explanation for the spike. 

"I was a little frustrated. I had a heavy heart today. My oldest son Devin didn't want to come to the game today," he explained. "My feelings were a little hurt. I was carrying that around all day, so when I got in there, I kind of let it out.

"To all the kids that were watching: I'm sorry. I set a bad example today," he joked.

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Fitzgerald explained Devin chose to go to the Arizona State Fair instead of coming to watch his father play Sunday.

"He didn't want to come support us," Fitzgerald said with a grin. "I'll try to pick up the pieces. I've got to be a better father."

In reality, Fitzgerald's emotional display likely stemmed from his team's 1-6 start to the season, which included four straight home losses. His two-point conversion, which followed rookie and Valley native Christian Kirk's game-winning touchdown catch with 34 seconds to play, had to feel extremely good, especially after last week's 35-point home loss to the Broncos.

"To be able to get a win at home, the first one in the season -- I never thought I'd say that, eight games in (to the season) -- it was good to get a win," Fitzgerald said.