Small Stars: What makes lacrosse so much fun?

Posted at 3:02 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 20:02:45-05
It's time for Fouhy's Small Stars! This week, we head to the fields to check in on a sport that uses a small rubber ball, a long-handled stick that has mesh at the end of it, and a goal.
Meet this week's Small Star lacrosse players!
"Lacrosse, you get together, you talk to people, get to know 'em better, 'cause you're on their team," Mason said. "You see 'em, know how to pass with them.
"I think a stick can bring someone together. That's my ideology."
For those who don't know, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports here in Arizona... and the reasons are pretty clear to the young lacrosse players we talked with.
"I guess I just have to say it's like the best team-building sport out there," Kyle said.
"My mom says that one of the reasons I play lacrosse is because of the scholarships that people get," Lucas said.
Simple as that: It's a lot of fun and you could end up getting a college scholarship out of the deal. I like that!
But is it hard to learn?
"Well, it's hard in the beginning but once you get used to it, it's kind of easy," Tommy said.
So, what makes it so great?
"It gets your hand-eye coordination better. You're calculating where the ball's going," Mason said.
"I gotta say, I love lacrosse because the moment that you get the ball and you can run down the field is like one of the best feelings in the world," Kyle said.
After spending a little time with these lacrosse Small Stars, it's clear to see the passion, fun and excitement they have for the game! In fact, I think Mason can sum it all up for us.
"I think it's growing because everyone loves it," he said. "It's a fun sport and plus, it's like four sports all combined together, and everyone has fun.
"When you fail, everyone's down, and when you score, everyone's up."
I like the second part! Scoring would be better than failing -- that's for sure!
Congratulations, Arizona youth lacrosse stars: You're this week's Small Stars!