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Fitzgerald thanks fan for showing up to Packers game during "trying year"

Posted at 1:49 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 15:49:58-05

It’s no secret that with the departure of Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona Diamondbacks and retirement of Shane Doan, Larry Fitzgerald is the undisputed face of sports in Arizona. And he showed us all why once again this week.

It all started when Larry Fitzgerald threw a pre-game ball into the stands to a young fan that was braving the snow with his dad at Lambeau Field on Sunday while wearing his Cardinals number 11 jersey.

The dad then took to social media on Wednesday and thanked Fitzgerald for the ball. William said in the tweet that his son was ecstatic, and has slept with the football by his side every night since.

For most athletes, the story could have easily stopped there.

Instead, Fitzgerald took the time to respond back to the fan on Twitter to thank the dad and son for enduring the cold to see the Cardinals play. Specifically, he thanked the two for sticking with the team during such a "trying year."

No... Thank YOU, Larry.

This is just another reminder that in such "trying times" for many of the Valley's sports franchises, sports fans in Arizona still have a legend to cheer for on and off the field.