Fouhy: Dumb decisions led to Strong's arrest

Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 20:10:52-05

Want to know why I love sports? It's because you never what's going to happen next. Take, for example, former ASU receiver Jaelen Strong.

Heading into his second season with the Houston Texans, Strong was arrested Sunday night in Scottsdale for marijuana possession.

Strong hurt his career to smoke marijuana in a black Maserati with no license plate in Scottsdale.

He knows it's against league rules, and he knows that unless you have a medical marijuana card, it's against the law. But he does it anyway. 

And check out how Scottsdale Police apprehended him: He's riding in a black Maserati with no visible license plate with former Sun Devil teammate, now packers defensive back, Damarious Randall.

When they get pulled over, officers smell marijuana. Strong admits that it's his, and he gets booked into jail.

Like I said: This is what I love about sports! A guy with a potentially long career ahead of him stumbles, and maybe, just gave up that career because of smoking marijuana in a black Maserati in Scottsdale!

So, why not just smoke at home and stay on the down-low, you ask? Nope... That would take some brains.