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All eyes focused on Kyler Murray as rookie mini camp kicks off

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Posted at 4:49 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 20:00:48-04

TEMPE, AZ — All eyes were focused on Kyler Murray as Arizona Cardinals rookie mini camp kicked off Friday in Tempe.

The number one draft pick looked smooth and confident out there, working closely with Coach Kliff Kingsbury and it certainly felt like a new era as media from all over the nation scrambled for a glimpse.

"We'll go out, play hard, work hard, and see where that goes," said Murray.

The hope is it goes full steam towards a potential Superbowl.

The rookie signed a $35 million deal just 24 hours earlier. Coming off rather shy in front of the camera, his work on the field seeming to speak for itself.

"He's just a dynamic player, dynamic playmaker, there's always that guy on the playground that if you throw the ball out there he's going to find a way to win," said Coach Kingsbury.

His new teammate Andy Isabella calls the throws he received from Murray the best he's ever seen.

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"It doesn't even look like he's trying and it's coming at a hundred miles an hour but it's coming perfect spiral," said Isabella.

That comment drawing a nice smile out of the quarterback.

"It's flattering but I don't know, hopefully like I said, he'll be catching a lot of touchdowns," said Murray.

Cardinals fans hope so too. When asked how bad he wanted to deliver for the Cardinals faithful, Murray smiled before replying.

"Obviously you want to deliver really bad but I mean at the same time you understand the process," said Murray. "You might fail at first, obviously you're not trying to fail but for me just being myself throughout the whole thing, I know the potential of this offense can be very dangerous and it's up to us to work at it and get great at it. It's an adjustment period for all rookies, they haven't played with me I haven't played with them so I think with time it will all come together."

Hometown kid Byron Murphy made sure to see what all the talk was about as well.

"Definitely I had to look at him that's going to be our quarterback so you know Kyler is a great guy," Murphy said.

The only thing slowing down Murray today were his cleats. The pair he plans to use were held up in the mail so he settled for another pair that may have not fit quite right.

"My feet are definitely sore," said Murray.

Rookie mini camp continues through the weekend. With a 53 man regular season roster and lots of returning players, unfortunately many of the rookies battling for a spot won't find themselves on the roster at the start of the season, so they're soaking up all of this experience while they can.