Some sidewalk vendors told to move farther from outside Chase Field

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 22:48:19-04

PHOENIX — Sidewalk vendors who have spent years selling outside of Chase Field are being told to move off baseball property.

On Tuesday, Merwyn Dergins, who has sidewalk vending for nearly a decade, said he was approached by a City of Phoenix employee and other vendors approached by employees of the Arizona Diamondbacks and were told to leave the premises.

"Yet we’re on county property and we have license to sell on county property," said Dergins. "It’s never been an issue since this year that I’ve been over here."

In Maricopa County, a license is needed to sell packaged goods anywhere in Maricopa County.

However, due to an agreement made between the county and the Arizona Diamondbacks in May of 2018, the team organization operates Chase Field and the surrounding land, turning the ballpark into private property.

Chase Field property is defined as most of the space from 4th to 7th Streets and Jefferson Street to Buchanan Street.

According to the binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) "The Team will have control over all uses of the stadium, and will permit reasonable uses for community and charitable events."

A spokesperson with the Arizona Diamondbacks said that due to existing contracts and agreements with vendors, the organization cannot allow sidewalk and street vendors to sell on their property during events, including game days.

The Diamondbacks added that they have instructed some vendors to simply move off the property, usually a block away, and they are able to sell.