NFL's Donovan McNabb and wife help AZ youth go for gold

Posted at 4:24 AM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 08:44:53-04

PHOENIX — Growing up to be a star athlete is a goal for a lot of kids, and it all starts on a field or a court with a single dream.

But sadly, not all kids can afford to chase those dreams.

That's why former NFL Quarterback Donovan McNabb and his wife, Raquel Nurse McNabb, a powerhouse athlete in her own right, are taking action to help Arizona's youngest sports stars go for the gold.

Raquel played basketball for Syracuse where she and Donovan met.

"There are so many benefits associated with playing sports," says Raquel. "It's not the accolades you receive. The intrinsic factor of friendships, going through adversity, learning how to fight through things - there are so many things that sports offer kids so I think every kid needs that outlet even."

Caris Sports Foundation was created in November 2019. The organization gives out scholarships to young athletes, right here in Arizona, to pay for everything from equipment to registration fees and so much more.

"It's tough, and that's why we're here," explains Donovan. "We are here to help in that situation because we didn't have to go through that when we were younger. This is to help kids fulfill their dreams and move on and we are trying to give them the extra push they need."

And that includes young female athletes as well.

"I think females in general are left out of a lot of things," says Raquel. "You know we are not considered to be great in science and math and sports and we are changing things now and that's what we are trying to do."

Donovan, even finding time in his busy schedule to help coach a girl's flag football team.

"They're gritty!" Donovan says. "It's fun. They compete hard. They are learning the game. But all in all, it's competition. They know how to turn it up and it's a lot of fun."

Both Donovan and Raquel say the lessons in team work these kids learn on the field will no doubt influence who they become in the real world as well.

"When you leave this field, and you have given all that you have for your teammates to be successful...your job is done."

Right now, the Caris Sports Foundation is working with kids right here in Arizona, but the goal is to soon expan to help young athletes all across the nation.

Currently, Caris is hosting a charity auction to raise money for more scholarships. It runs through October 4. For more information, visit Caris Sports Foundation.