Small Stars: Addison Valley and her horse Puff

Posted at 11:25 AM, Dec 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-25 13:25:55-05

Six-year-old Addison Valley is a young girl who just loves her 16-year-old pony Puff!

Addison rides and shows Puff in national horse show events and has won so many ribbons she can hardly count them all. In fact, she just won the saddle she's riding on in the gold mine show just two weeks ago.

"This is called Showmanship", she tells us.

For those that don't know, showmanship requires a lot of training and discipline, but Addison leads Puff with complete trust!

"Now, I'm going to walk him", she says as she continues to show us what she can do.

She's been riding and showing since she was 3-years-old and she just fell in love with it from the get-go.

"I'm going to back him", she says.

Think of showmanship like the national dog show: jogging, circles, patterns and trail, and Addison does them all to perfection!

"We're going to go over to the pole."

After the workout, it's time to take Puff back to the barn.

"I'm taking him back to his stall", she says.

But the day's still not over, now you have to brush him down and Addison tells us why.

"Because the saddle, 'cause you worked him so hard he can sweat", she tells us.

And why does she put in all this work? "Because I love him and he's my horse", she says lovingly.

Congratulations Addison Valley, you're this week's small star!