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Suns superfan 'Flex from Jersey' visits Phoenix for NBA Finals

'Flex' has been a fan from afar since childhood
Posted at 11:27 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 14:27:41-04

Jon Bloom has talked Phoenix Suns fans through it all live on his post-game show on Arizona Sports 98.7. They've talked about the good times and then the devastating seasons where there were very few wins.

Through it all, "Flex from Jersey" would be there on the phone.

"It's been pretty regular for eight years," said Bloom. "I look forward to hearing his thoughts about every game and I know the audience absolutely can't wait to hear him break it down because he sounds different than anybody else who's calling in to post Sun games shows and he knows the game."

"Flex from Jersey" says his nickname came about from a typo. "I called in one night and they asked me - this was 8-9 years ago - and they go, what's your name? And I say 'Felix,' and he typed it wrong and he typed 'Flex.' When Jon Bloom got the call, he goes, 'Flex from Jersey.'"

And the name stuck. His own family now calls him Flex.

That all started several years ago but his love for basketball started when he was just eight years old. Growing up in Jersey, he'd watch the Suns on television with his brother.

Then one day his brother actually took him to a game to see Suns player Kevin Johnson in person at the Meadowlands Arena. That was it. Flex was in love.

"My first love wasn't Susan or Barbara or some girl in school. My first love was the Phoenix Suns."

When you talk to Flex or listen to him on the radio, you know he not only loves the Suns, he knows the game. He studies every single Suns game.

"I can't just watch a game once," said Flex. "I'll watch the game live and then I'll watch it again, see what I missed. The third time where I'll watch it, I'll view it from the other perspective, from the visitor's side. What can the visitors do and the other team do to prevent what we're trying to do? That's the coach in me."

In Jersey, Flex is a high school athletic director and head coach so he's able to pass along his passion for the sport. Being in Arizona this week, he says it's obvious the passion for the team is still here.

"I remember when they lost in 1993 and 300,000 people in downtown Phoenix for a team that didn't win," said Flex. "If that doesn't show you what this fan base, how this fan base feels about this team, nothing will."