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Former GM explains why the Phoenix Suns rock!

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Posted at 4:37 AM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 12:30:26-04

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns are undeniably talented and fans have seen chemistry flourish for this NBA team on and off the basketball court!

So what is it that makes this team so dynamic?

For the answer, we asked Jerry Colangelo. The Suns first-ever general manager and former team owner said, “They have built an organization, getting good people, people of character.”

Colangelo, who sat down with ABC15 to talk about his annual Integrity Summit, said integrity is a trait that fosters a positive workplace culture. “If you are known for being a person of integrity, you will naturally gain the trust and respect of those around you.”

Colangelo also points to the team’s head coach, Monty Williams.

“When we were together, with USA Basketball, I remember some walks that we took in Spain. You know, when we had some downtime, dead time, walking along the riverfront sitting down and just talking about life. You get to know someone pretty well. And he has a very interesting background. You know, he almost died with a heart condition as an athlete at Notre Dame. Subsequently, he lost his wife in a terrible car accident.” said Colangelo.

That was in 2016.

Three years later Williams was named coach of the Phoenix Suns.

“I've been a proponent of Monty Williams since we took those walks. I mean even before that, because I selected him to be on our staff. But what happened on getting to know him is that I was sold even more about the quality of the guy, the character of him, you want to talk about integrity. You could see it, you know, just talking with him.” Colangelo added.

The Suns play The New Orleans Pelicans Tuesday night at Footprint Center in Phoenix.