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At west Phoenix barbershop, the Suns are a hot topic

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jul 16, 2021

PHOENIX — With the Phoenix Suns just a couple of wins away from a championship, fan excitement is intense.

ABC15 stopped by Another Level Barber Shop in Maryvale where the haircuts come with complimentary trash-talking.

Owner Mike Morrow says the shop has been in the community for 25 years and serves as a hub for lively conversation; the Suns' performance this season has dominated much of it lately.

We arrived as Jay the Barber was starting on a new client. And he was dressed in head-to-toe Suns gear.

"I've been a Suns fan win, lose or draw," he told ABC15.

But not everyone in the shop is, and Jay makes sure he antagonizes the lone Lakers fan, another barber named Rob.

"I like the Lakers period. Period. I like to bet against the Suns though," Rob said.

Diesel, a customer and avid Suns fan, says he keeps track of the bets between the guys in the shop. He says Rob has lost a lot this season, most recently the cost was push-ups.

"50 on call push-ups that he (Rob) reneged on," Diesel said.

But as the shop scorekeeper, Diesel says he knows a loser when he sees one.

"The thing about Milwaukee is... I like buck meat," he joked. "We haven't had any good buck meat for a long time."

Their confidence in the Suns championship is so high, they have some to spare.

"The Cardinals are going to do it too," Diesel said. "You hear me, Kyler? We are with you! Arizona everything!"