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WARNING! Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network fights sex trafficking with education and awareness

Posted at 7:35 AM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 13:22:57-04

Arizona Anti Trafficking Network is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living.

The Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network (AATN) is a collaboration of programs fighting the multi-dimensions of human trafficking. These programs cover a wide spectrum and focus on community education and awareness, prevention, demand reduction, male engagement, and the tourism and hospitality sectors. It is through these activities that AATN hopes to eliminate human trafficking in

Arizona by raising awareness, reducing demand and fostering prevention efforts with youth. AATN has passionate and committed team members who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring awareness and foster community partnerships in Arizona. AATN's vision is an Arizona where no one is bought, sold or exploited.

Sex trafficking of children, youth and adults is a growing concern nationally and in Arizona. Trafficking is a hidden crime and is both an urban and rural issue affecting all areas across our state. The first step in combatting trafficking is being educated on how to identify victims so they can be recovered and help bring their perpetrators to justice.

AATN's robust programs include:

Community Education and Awareness - TRUST (Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking)
· Proactively develops and directs projects to aid in building collaboration and increasing education, capacity and awareness of anti-trafficking efforts throughout Arizona

Prevention - CSI (Community Schools Initiative)
· CSI is focused on providing mentoring for youth to develop leadership skills, self-esteem, and empowerment. This innovative and robust after school program is primarily aimed at the most vulnerable youth in our communities.

Male Participation - Just Men Arizona
· The problems of buying sex and sex trafficking are primarily "men's issues," as 99% of the buyers are men. Men having conversations with other men about the harms, dangers and consequences of buying sex can have a strong influence on changing this behavior. Men create the demand that drives sex trafficking. Better men can help end that demand.

Tourism, Hospitality and Other Facilitators - SAFE Action Project (Safeguarding All From Exploitation)
· Many of these incidents take place in hotels, motels and venues where management or staff often are unaware of their complicity in the activity. Transport (Uber and Lyft) is often involved as are other hospitality providers (restaurants, bars, etc.). Training staff, security and other personnel will help bring awareness and encourage reporting of incidents.

Fighting Demand - CEASE Arizona (Cities Engaged Against Sexual Exploitation)
· If there were no sex buyers, there would be no demand. CEASE AZ has engaged with law enforcement to bring new technology, tactics, and ideas to assist in stings and undercover operations to raise the risk and thus the consequences of buying sex.

For additional free resources on human trafficking including myths, suggested reading, guides on talking to your kids and teens, please visit

Training on human trafficking and issues surrounding human trafficking are provided around the state of Arizona at no cost. For more information or to schedule a training please contact