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Sonic Debuted A New Milkshake Made With Brownie Batter

Sonic Debuted A New Milkshake Made With Brownie Batter
Posted at 7:35 AM, Jun 22, 2020

Since it may already be too hot to be baking brownies and licking the batter off the spoon, Sonic is providing us with a cool, summery compromise: A brownie batter milkshake.

From now until Aug. 2, you can nab Sonic’s Brownie Batter Shake, which blends together vanilla ice cream with rich, chocolatey brownie batter.

If you’re thinking this sounds like an incredibly decadent dessert, you’re right. One reviewer at The Impulsive Buy described it as a thick milkshake with brownie bits mixed in and whipped cream swirled on top.

That reviewer ultimately determined that this milkshake wasn’t their favorite, but they were initially quite impressed, declaring that “the mix of vanilla ice cream, ribbons of brownie batter and soft little chunks of brownie bits was borderline perfect.”

Sonic Drive-In

The fast-food chain is also bringing back the Yellow Cake Batter Shake that was introduced last summer for a limited time.

These shakes combine vanilla ice cream with yellow cake batter for a sweet treat that megafan @ChristiLeMay tweeted was the “best thing [she’d] ever tasted.”

That’s some high praise!

One mom on Twitter discovered that her kids are all about the Sonic cake batter milkshakes as well, and she posted their glowing reviews to the social media platform:

Sonic is not the only dining chain to offer a cake batter-flavored milkshake, however.

You could stop by Denny’s for a Jr. Cake Batter Milk Shake, which looks like a birthday party in a glass with its mixture of vanilla ice cream, cake batter and confetti sprinkles.

And Cold Stone Creamery offers its own Cake Batter ‘n Shake, which Twitter user @hayatedoll deems “my love, my drug, my vice.”

Meanwhile, back at Sonic, if you’re craving a different kind of refreshing frozen drink, check out the drive-in chain’s new red, white and blue slush float that layers slushie flavors with vanilla ice cream.


Or, for a little caffeine boost with your icy sip, try Sonic’s Red Bull slush, a slushie infused with Red Bull Energy Drink, which contains caffeine, taurine, B vitamins and sugars.

These slushies come in the returning classic Red Bull flavor or Summer Edition Slush, which tastes like watermelon and is also new for 2020.

Sonic Drive-In

Here’s to having a refreshing sip on hand, all summer long!

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