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Someone Made The ‘Elf’ Trailer Into A Thriller And It’s Hilarious

Someone Made The ‘Elf’ Trailer Into A Thriller And It’s Hilarious
Posted at 10:17 AM, Dec 24, 2019

Has the hustle and bustle of the holiday season brought your stress level to an all-time high? If all the shopping, wrapping and cookie-baking have you in need of a good laugh, then grab a cup of hot chocolate and check out this hilarious “Elf” video.

Just prepare yourself to see Buddy the Elf like you’ve never seen him before.

A group of geniuses at Mashable’s CineFix took the classic 2003 comedy and produced an updated movie trailer. However, instead of the jolly, candy-loving elf we’ve all seen hundreds of times in Christmases past, this Buddy seems a little more … sinister.


It’s hard to imagine Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf as the bad guy, but this 2016 recut trailer truly captures the thriller movie vibe. By rearranging scenes and dialogue from the movie and adding some clever music, sound effects and title cards, the new video makes “Elf” seem more like a Stephen King movie than a happy holiday film.

As the trailer opens, we hear the call from Mr. Hobbs’ secretary about receiving a Christmas-gram. Only this time, there’s ominous music playing in the background instead of a traditional joyous holiday score.

We hear Buddy tell his dad he’s walked all day and night to find him. The story unfolds as we learn about Buddy’s resentment and anger over being “taken as a child,” “tortured” and “twisted” into an elf and ultimately mentally “broken” as a result.

The outcome of Buddy’s mistreatment and his return to NYC becomes a “snow-spattered thriller” that is ultimately a hilarious take on this sweet film.

Check out the creepy spin on “Elf” and enjoy a little laugh for the holiday!

Does this scary trailer make you want to curl up and watch the much happier original film version of “Elf”?

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