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Pringles Is Releasing 3 New Scorching-hot Chip Flavors

Pringles Is Releasing 3 New Scorching-hot Chip Flavors
Posted at 9:10 AM, Nov 12, 2020

If you like your snacks to deliver a kick, Pringles is introducing three new potato chip flavors that are sure to heat up your snack game.

The new Pringles Scorchin’ lineup adds fiery heat to three original flavors: Cheddar, BBQ and Chili & Lime. Kellogg’s says each bite is designed to deliver a heat that builds over time. So, while they’re spicy, they may not seem that hot until you keep eating.

If you like cheese flavors, the Scorchin’ Cheddar offers a cheesy taste with an extra kick from cayenne pepper. Barbecue lovers will like the Scorchin’ BBQ, which balances smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness and a pop of heat from cayenne pepper. Lastly, Scorchin’ Chili & Lime combines tangy citrus with a chili pepper flavor.

All three Pringles Scorchin’ chips will be available through a limited release in retailers nationwide beginning this December, with a full release slated for 2021.

Kellogg Company

Currently, Pringles still offers Memphis BBQ, Jalapeno, Buffalo Ranch and Extra Hot, all of which are on the spicy side. The brand even had a limited-edition Nashville Hot Chicken chip that was around in the summer of 2018.

This year saw the arrival of some other new Pringles flavors, including Sweet Corn and Chicken and Waffles. Pringles also teamed up with Wendy’s to create a Baconator chip that tastes like beef, American cheese, bacon, ketchup and mayo.


If you’re looking for more heat, however, there are tons of other spicy chips to choose from. Doritos released a new Flamin’ Hot Limon chip earlier this year, and you can also pick up some Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos or Flamin’ Hot Lay’s Kettle Cooked Chips.

If you dare, you can even take the One Chip Challenge by picking up one of Paqui’s spicy tortilla chips that’s made with the Carolina reaper pepper, scorpion pepper and Sichuan peppercorn. And yes, they are so hot that the bag comes with only one chip. So long, tastebuds!


Do you like your snacks with a spicy kick?

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