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Terrain Hopper Takes People With Disabilities to New Heights

Posted at 11:11 AM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 14:11:22-04

For most of his life, Todd Lemay was limited.

“I have what is called osteogenesis imperfecta, which is commonly known as the ‘brittle bone disease,'” said Lemay, president of Terrain Hopper USA. “All my life, I would go to the beach, go to the end of the parking lot, and that’s how I enjoyed the beach.”

His limits met their match when Todd was introduced to the Terrain Hopper, an all-terrain vehicle designed for mobility-impaired people. 

“It was just amazing. I was out on the beach. I was hiking with friends. I was out on bike rides with my nieces and nephews,” said Lemay. 

All four wheels of the Terrain Hopper have their own electric motor. It’s comfy, safe and customizable to fit any individual’s needs.

“If you’re unable to use the handlebars because you don’t have a lot of strength or maybe your disability doesn’t give you a lot of motion, you can control the whole thing with a joystick,” said Lemay. 

The Terrain Hopper is able to climb a 35-degree incline hill and can stop on a dime.

“We’ve gotta have a really good ground clearance, otherwise, you’re not gonna be able to get over as much terrain otherwise,” Lauren Sierzant, engineer at Terrain Hopper. 

Now as president of Terrain Hopper USA, Todd is virtually limitless to where he can go and is bringing that same freedom to mobility impaired people across the country. 

“There’s all these things that I never thought about doing and places I never thought about going, that now I have to be reminded that, ‘Oh no, I can do that,’” said Lemay.