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Woman-Owned Greenwood Brewing Opening on Roosevelt Row

Posted at 2:00 PM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 19:46:12-04

A bottle of Greenwood Brewing’s Herstory Brew has an empowering message scrawled on the back. Empowerment can begin with a simple conversation”. What does her story become if she puts her mind, hear and body. That’s not the typical imagery you find on beer bottles which is exactly why Megan Greenwood founded Greenwood Brewing.

It all started with corporate America. Megan explained, “

My boss, my coworkers, customers… if we wanted to have a candid conversation, we were having it over beer”. However, the craft beer scene can be intimidating especially when there’s a lack of brews made with women in mind. Even Megan was intimidated, and she had a micro-brewery in her garage that was churning out up to eight varieties of beer at a time. That set Megan in motion, “I couldn’t find a product that had me in mind, so I figured I would make it myself”.

There’s the Herstory Brew which is a ”crisp clean pale ale. However, it’s more than just a beer. It inspires women to share their stories on Greenwood Brewing’s social media and online. Megan hopes to one day share these stories on her packaging too. Lastly, there’s the dry hopped Forward IPA which Megan launched on Election Day 2018 inspired by women moving forward. Which Megan hopes to mirror for her customers. It’s a non-traditional lifestyle and I hope we can inspire other women to do the same.

You can find Megan’s brews on tap at restaurants and bars across the Valley. Plus, come summer 2019, you’ll be able to drink Greenwood at its own brick and mortar brewery on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix.