Central Fire sparks Saturday near New River, 3,900+ acres with 0% containment

Daisy Fire
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Posted at 12:22 PM, Jun 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-21 21:28:47-04

NEW RIVER, AZ — A new brush fire sparked Saturday morning near New River and has burned up to 3,956 acres with 0% containment as of Sunday.

The Central Fire was initially called out near Central Avenue and Mingus Road, but the Arizona State Forestry Department says it has since spread and is burning on Tonto National Forest land.

The fire's name was changed to the "Daisy Fire" Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, forestry officials changed its name back to their original choice - The Central Fire.

According to information from AZ State Forestry, the fire is currently moving northeast, away from structures and continues to be fought with full suppression tactics.

A cause hasn't been determined.

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Take a look at the list of largest Arizona wildfires by acres burned below:

  1. Wallow - 2011 (522,000+acres)
  2. Rodeo-Chediski - 2002 (468,000+ acres)
  3. Cave Creek Complex - 2005 (243,000+ acres)
  4. Horseshoe 2 - 2011 (222,000+ acres)
  5. Bush Fire - 2020 (174,000+ acres)
  6. Woodbury - 2019 (123,000+acres)
  7. Willow - 2004 (119,000+ acres)
  8. Aspen Fire - 2003 (82,000+ acres)
  9. Edge Complex Fire - 2005 (72,000 acres)
  10. Tank Complex Fire - 2005 (69,000+ acres)

Note: The Yarnell Hill Fire was not one of the largest fires in state history, burning only 8,400 acres, but it is considered to be the deadliest Arizona wildfire, claiming 19 lives.