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Bush Fire is now the 5th largest wildfire in Arizona's history

Posted at 2:22 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-21 11:53:36-04

Arizona has had major wildfires in its history, with new ones climbing up the list of largest acreage burned.

The Bush Fire, which is burning in the Tonto Basin area, has burned more than 174,000 acres as of Sunday morning.

With that latest acreage count, the Bush Fire has now become the 5th largest wildfire in Arizona's history.

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Take a look at the list of largest Arizona wildfires by acres burned below:

  1. Wallow - 2011 (522,000+acres)
  2. Rodeo-Chediski - 2002 (468,000+ acres)
  3. Cave Creek Complex - 2005 (243,000+ acres)
  4. Horseshoe 2 - 2011 (222,000+ acres)
  5. Bush Fire - 2020 (174,000+ acres)
  6. Woodbury - 2019 (123,000+acres)
  7. Willow - 2004 (119,000+ acres)
  8. Aspen Fire - 2003 (82,000+ acres)
  9. Edge Complex Fire - 2005 (72,000 acres)
  10. Tank Complex Fire - 2005 (69,000+ acres)

Note: The Yarnell Hill Fire was not one of the largest fires in state history, burning only 8,400 acres, but it is considered to be the deadliest Arizona wildfire, claiming 19 lives.

The latest statistics surrounding the Bush Fire can be found below:


SIZE: 193,455 acres


LOCATION: Near the intersection of Bush Hwy and Hwy 87

EVACUATIONS: Tonto Basin/Punkin Center, Sunflower, Apache Lake and all residents and businesses on Highway 188 from Punkin Center to the 188 - Highway 87 Junction, to include Jakes Corner, Pioneer Pass, Brownsville, and Slate Creek evacuated

START DATE: June 13, 2020

CAUSE: Human-caused, vehicle fire