What's The Deal? 4 Tips For the Best Power Nap Ever

Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-12 13:47:57-04

Studies consistently show that napping increases productivity, but what they leave out is that getting some quick z’s is a science, and an art -- a skill that requires mastery. Jimmy Rhoades sought advice from the CEO of MetroNaps Christopher Lindholst, to get four tips on achieving the perfect power nap.

1.  Keep It Short

Between six and twenty minutes is the perfect amount of time. Any longer and you'll fall into deeper sleep which can lead to grogginess.

2.  Stick to a Routine

Your circadian rhythm dictates that you have a drowsy spell every day, usually between the hours of around one and four o'clock. So that's the optimal time of day to take a nap.

3.  Get Comfy

Create a system for yourself around napping - a routine where you do the same thing every time. Listen to the same music. Make sure you put your feet up. That will make it easier for you to nap because your body and your mind will know what to expect.

4.  Don't Stress Out

Don't try too hard or worry if you don't feel you fall asleep. Because in napping, you only touch the lighter stages of sleep, you don't go into the state of unconsciousness that most of us would associate with sleep. So it's more like a dream, really, when you're napping.

Getting some quick sleep is a great way to up your productivity so give it a try. Sweet dreams!

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