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50+ Black-owned restaurants to support in the Valley

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jun 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-12 19:18:40-04

PHOENIX — As rallies and demands for change, especially between the Black community and police departments, continue across the country, there has been a renewed push for people to seek out and support businesses and restaurants owned by African-American men and women, not only in Phoenix, but across the country.

Local First Arizona, an organization that supports Arizona-based businesses, created a web page showcasing ways people can support Black-owned businesses. Downtown Phoenix Inc., an organization that supports businesses in downtown Phoenix, curated a list of 10 Black-owned businesses located downtown.

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You have also likely seen a list featuring more than 50 restaurants owned by Black men and women circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and on other websites (we embedded the list below).

That list was created last October by LaNée Javet, who owns Upscale Noire (Noire is French for "black"), a company that helps Black business owners with marketing, branding, and messaging to stand out in the marketplace.

It was shared a lot when it was published eight months ago, she said. Now, with everything going on, it has found a renewed focus.

"The virality happening right now, it’s as if, the safety seal has come off. Like these businesses have always been there, maybe people didn’t know they were black-owned. Maybe they didn’t understand the plight of Black-owned businesses. Maybe they’re feeling they have permission to go. I’m not exactly sure," she said in a phone interview with ABC15. "I think what’s happening right now, and what we’re seeing right now is a lot of people who weren’t really sure how to engage with our community."

She said the best way to support businesses within the Black community is to be intentional about it.

"Be intentional. And it's an everybody thing, I’ll tell you that. I have to do it. I am a Black woman, who is a Black business owner, and I have to be intentional about supporting Black-owned businesses," Javet said.

Javet said she is also working on a second edition of her guide ahead of #BlackoutDay on July 7, a social media-led campaign to encourage people to support Black-owned businesses on that day.

View her current list of Black-owned restaurants in the Valley below.