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Volunteers playing huge role in COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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Posted at 5:21 PM, Apr 23, 2021

It's National Volunteer Week, and volunteers have played a big role in Arizona's vaccine rollout.

Volunteers have helped at many state and local distribution sites. One of them is Kameron Shee, a 22-year-old who is working to become a medical student.

"I care about our community," Shee said.

Shee started volunteering with HonorHealth last March at a food bank, as the demand rose at the start of the pandemic. He eventually transitioned and volunteered at the HonorHealth pod location that was set up to vaccinate those in Phase 1a.

"The reactions were priceless," he said. "Everybody was so thankful, appreciative, some people would cry because they knew what was happening."

Shee also became a team lead, training other volunteers, which included duties like helping patients through the process and helping monitor them after the shot during the 15-minute waiting period.

Shee volunteered about three days a week, often working ten-hour shifts at the pod.

"Through rain, through storms, through freezing cold mornings," he said.

Shee is one of the hundreds of volunteers that help at various HonorHealth locations. He is now working at one of their vaccine clinics.

"I don't think anybody, whether it's here at HonorHealth, or in any of the vaccination sites could say they could do what we're doing for our state as efficiently without volunteers," said Liz Hyatt, the network director of volunteer services at HonorHealth.

Hyatt said prior to the pandemic they had nearly 3,000 weekly volunteers, and now have about 600, not counting those helping out with the vaccine.

Shee told ABC15 volunteering is about passion, not a paycheck.

"Volunteering and being a part of something that would touch and impact so many peoples' lives is more rewarding than any money," Shee said.

HonorHealth still needs more volunteers. If interested, you can email or call 480-587-5097