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Employers can bring on-site vaccination events to employees in Arizona

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Posted at 3:32 PM, Apr 15, 2021

Embry Health is now offering on-site vaccination events for employers in all counties across Arizona for free.

On Thursday, Embry Health teamed up with Digital Air Strike and Lincoln Property Company to vaccinate dozens of employees at their Scottsdale office.

“Instead of them going out to get the vaccinations, let’s bring the vaccinations here,” said Dave Venneri, Chief Revenue Officer for Digital Air Strike.

Embry Health has so far partnered with ten companies to provide on-site vaccines.

The companies have varied in size from 100 employees to 1,500.

“Free is free with this, it’s just like COVID-19 testing. If a patient does have health insurance, we do need to know the patient’s health insurance information. If they are uninsured, it’s really just as simple as showing us their driver’s license. We can register them for the HRSA program and the federal government will pay for it,” said Raymond Embry.

Embry Health shared the following message on its websiteregarding COVID-19 vaccination events for employers:

As COVID-19 vaccines become readily available, employers should start to consider how they can help their company. Embry Health is taking action by providing COVID-19 vaccinations for employers looking to get their staff vaccinated. Partnering with Embry Health allows your employees the ability to receive a vaccine at their place of work with no line and no wait.

When Embry Health hosts a COVID-19 Vaccination Event, our providers come to you after securing vaccines for the number of employees interested. Events can be as long as one day to one week, depending on the company’s size. When Embry Health partnered with Fox Restaurant Concepts in March 2021 to host a private COVID-19 Vaccination Event for all of their employees, Embry administered 1,500 doses over two days. In April 2021, Embry Health partnered with Genuine Concepts and distributed over 250 vaccines during their one-day event.

From Ma and Pa Shops with 20 employees to companies with thousands, companies of any size can set up vaccination events with Embry Health.