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County working to vaccinate residents who can't leave their homes

Douglas Scott
Posted at 3:17 PM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 19:39:45-04

PHOENIX — Millions of Arizonans have rolled through vaccine sites across the state. The images are a sign of hope that one day this pandemic may come to an end. But another group of folks who call the Grand Canyon state home, continue to feel largely forgotten.

“If I got it, it’s a death warrant for me,” said Douglas Scott.

The 81-year-old is one of the thousands of medically homebound seniors living in our community. He’s immobile, has kidney issues, and requires everything from groceries to medical care brought to his doorstep.

“I have a doctor visit me once a month, nurses come twice a week, I get blood drawn right here sitting in this chair,” said Scott.

A grandfather of 12, he’s remained mostly isolated since last year barring a few very socially distanced visits from family. As you can imagine he’s ready for more freedom.

“Once I’m vaccinated at least I feel my life isn’t in jeopardy having someone walk inside my house,” said Scott.

Last week, Maricopa County Health began vaccinating homebound residents, bringing the lifesaving vaccine directly to their homes. Signing up takes filling out a simple survey specifically for this population.

Once completed, the county will call to set up an appointment for a nurse to deliver the long-awaited shot.

“65 years ago, in high school, I got the polio vaccine, and it was a lifesaver, it was a miracle,” said Scott.

A memory that sticks with him all these years later. Now relieved to be signed up he knows many others remain in the dark.

“My wife is now fully vaccinated and now I feel I’m the odd man out,” said Scott with a chuckle.