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Youth club bakes treats and creates posters to thank crews battling Telegraph Fire

Posted at 4:55 AM, Jun 15, 2021

GLOBE, AZ — There's a lot of uncertainty in Globe this week, as flames from the Telegraph Fire continue to spread and cross containment lines near the city.

"It is a high-stress time whether you’re being evacuated or not," said Aimee Mundy-Ellison, who leads the Life Skills Club for the Southern Gila County 4H.

Mundy-Ellison helps young club members experience everyday life scenarios, teaching them useful skills like how to change a tire, balance a budget, or even plan a trip.

With the looming danger of flames nearing their community though, it's tough to focus on pre-planned lessons. So, Mundy-Ellison and the kids decided to shift their efforts.

“They jumped right on it and they want to get back they want to say thank you because they know how important it is," she said.

Each spent time creating unique posters, to say thank you to fire crews battling the flames, and even baked several dozen cookies to deliver to men and women working on the front lines.

“Inside it felt really good because we saw their whole faces light up and they were all just so happy," said Neaveah Guerrero.

“They said a big thank you. They said these are going to give them a little bit of a boost of energy to keep going and keeping our town safe," added Colter Dalmlin.

The Telegraph Fire is now the 9th largest fire in Arizona history, and despite the uncertainty and danger looming in the sky, Mundy-Ellison believes these acts of kindness help young teens cope with stress and worry.

"They can see their animals are in danger, they need to evacuate, they need to pack bags... all of those things can be very scary to a kid," she said. "To be able to channel that in a way where they can give back by saying thank you and simply walking up to a firefighter, the people they look up to already, and show their appreciation.”