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Valley veteran receives free hearing aid as part of holiday campaign

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Posted at 5:53 PM, Dec 29, 2021

PHOENIX — A Valley audiologist's office gave the gift of hearing to a former Marine Wednesday.

Gerry Ferracane says he has noticed his hearing deteriorate over the years but like many veterans his age, chose to keep quiet and make do.

“I’m the type of person who didn’t think he needed help from anyone,” said Ferracane. “But this last year it seems to have gotten worse.”

Every Christmas, HearingLife hosts the Magic of Hearing Care holiday campaign. Individuals like Ferracane have the opportunity to submit their stories and, if they’re lucky, are chosen to receive a free pair of hearing aids.

“One of the things I stressed in my submission was the importance of family. I wasn’t really able to hear what my family was saying to me at times,” said Ferracane. “Being the type of person I am, I was kind of embarrassed. Even at work, it’s kind of the situation that I hate to ask my boss to repeat himself. Ask my wife to repeat herself.”

The company heard his plea and made it their mission to improve his life with loved ones. He says anytime he considered getting a pair, it came down to the cost.

“You're looking at anywhere between $3,500 to $6,500 for a pair, so these are obstacles a lot of people are going to go through, and they were for me,” said Ferracane.

For a man who served his country during the Vietnam War, it was an obstacle HearingLife made sure he’d no longer worry about. It didn’t take long for the magic to happen at his fitting appointment.

“Oh yeah, that’s fantastic,” said Ferracane to the audiologist. “I’m extremely grateful. Thank you very, very much. I wish I had done this a lot sooner now.”

Gerry couldn’t be more thrilled to show them off to his family. He says his life has been changed forever.

“It’s clear, I mean it’s actually clear, I can actually understand every single word that’s being said, so that’s a miracle that’s the way I look at it,” said Ferracane.