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Valley children's taxi company makes heartfelt gesture to single mom

Posted at 6:27 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 21:27:34-04

For Cheryl Neuser, like most single parents, it’s all about juggling priorities.

The juggling got a little more complicated when her high school daughter wanted to attend Campo Verde High School, which offers a curriculum that would help towards her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

“There’s a program there that she was very interested in so we decided that we would figure it out. It’s what she wanted, we’ll figure it out,” said Neuser.

Because the school was outside their boundaries, getting her to and from campus was the biggest challenge especially with Cheryl being a full-time educator herself.

“I started looking for real solutions because it was becoming a real strain on our family, and I happen to come across Gigi’s just in doing some research on the internet,” said Neuser.

Gigi owns Gigi’s World Kids Taxi, a transportation service to help busy families get their kids where they need to go.

They offer background checked drivers, GPS tracking and an array of other thoughtful solutions to make parents feel comfortable.

“The whole goal is to take the pressure off of them,” said Gigi Buentipo.

“We let parents know they’ve arrived, they’ve been picked up, they’ve been dropped off, we keep that safety and comfort all the way,” said Gigi.

“When she got on the phone with me, she didn’t talk to me like a business owner like, hey you need to use my service and tell me why, she wasn’t giving me all this spiel, she just talked to me like [a] mom,” said Neuser.

Cheryl says they’ve absolutely loved the service, calling it dependable and extremely family focused.

Unfortunately, a major health issue and the medical bills that followed eventually forced Neuser to make a tough call.

“I said to her, I love you, I want to use you guys, you’re a tremendous help to me but I was very honest with her, here’s what’s going on, I just can’t afford this right now,” said Neuser of her phone call with Gigi.

“Of course, we are a for profit business, but it doesn’t hurt to step up and help when you can,” said Gigi.

That’s when Gigi offered up to continue to provide the rides for free.

“That would be one less thing that she’d have to worry about, she could focus on her health,” said Gigi. “We started this company to make a difference in the lives of parents. Our customers become our families because we care about them so much.”

“I really just, I cried a lot, and I was grateful. I was really, really grateful to this woman for just understanding what my family was going through and me personally and just lending a hand,” said Nueser. “I always recommend her service; I tell anyone who will listen to me about her and what they did for us.”

It’s a heartfelt gesture that defines this business and selfless act of kindness this mom will never forget.