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Three generations volunteering at Valley animal shelter

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 08:29:05-04

TEMPE, AZ — If it has a tail, likes to snuggle, and meows or barks, chances are, 11-year-old Emma Buskirk will fall in love with it.

"It just feels really good," explained Emma.

"My daughter is what we call the animal whisper," said Emma's mom, Tina Buskirk.

From what we saw -- it must run in the family!

Every Wednesday afternoon, you'll find three generations of the same family volunteering at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe.

For Nana Carol Arnold, it was the perfect way to bond and come back together after so many months separated due to the pandemic.

"So when the pandemic lifted, I thought, 'how can I repair this?' And this was the best way possible," said Arnold.

It's quality time, but it's also hard work - a labor of love for these furry faces.

"We help with laundry, we help with dishes, mopping, just basic stuff to keep the place running. Emma and I will get a dog and take it for a walk," said Buskirk.

Don't forget about the snuggles, the scratches, the soft bellies -- it's a joy Arnold says she sees in the faces of her daughter and granddaughter.

For Emma, it's about helping animals transition to the next stage in a loving home.

"I love animals, I love playing around with them, and I love helping them become their better selves," she said.

And in the process, the trio is helping us humans become the best versions of ourselves by Uplifting Arizona!

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